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Time Management Software, Apps, Books, and Posters


Here’s our selection of time management resources and products to increase your personal and professional effectiveness.


Task Managers

At our time management seminars, we ask people to share what their favorite task manager or to-do list apps is for syncing tasks, projects, and shared lists. Here are the top favorites that you might find worth trying out.


How to speed read book cover SPEED READING MADE EASY BOOK

Speed Reading Made Easy is written by top-tier, speed-reading expert Kathleen L. Hawkins who shows you how to read faster and remember what you read. The techniques in the book are the same easy-to-learn, quick-to-apply techniques that corporations and universities pay Kathleen big fees to teach their people. Save a bunch of money and time. Get this book and learn to speed read for less than $5.

You can expect to increase your reading rate, maybe even double or triple, in about an hour by using the simple tips, tricks, and techniques in this book.





Speed reading expertSpeed Reading Software

Software activities and a video instructor to guide you through various exercises to increase your reading speed. This program includes 15 scientifically designed activities and games to train you in all the areas you need to boost your reading speed.


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This deck of quick reference cards is an easy-to-use, practical way to quickly build your or your team’s time management skills. The cards summarize 25 of Peter “the Time Man” Turla’s high leverage time management strategies. Use a different card every day and learn how to get more done and have more free time.

Each of the 25 cards in the card deck focuses on one key time management objective and provides specific action steps to achieve it. Simply change the face card each day, and follow the lessons presented on the card.

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Peter's Laws Poster

PETER’S LAWS POSTER: The Creed of the Sociopathic, Obsessive-Compulsive, Time Manager

Hang this free poster on your wall and remind yourself and others of classic time-management concepts that any obsessive-compulsive person would love.

If you’re a sociopathic, obsessive-compulsive, time manager, go to the expanded view to read the laws and see how many you relate to.


Expanded view of this poster and free PDF download on http://www.tsgj2.icu/peters-laws